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Hi Guys and Dolls

I decided to start this blog to connect with intellectual and creative souls. I love Art, Literature and love LOVE Cooking. I’m from Washington State, but relocated to Utah. I can’t say I’m a big fan of the state, I hate that I cannot buy wine at the grocery store, ridiculous!  It’s the frakking desert! There are no beaches, I really miss the beach and trees! It’s either too hot or too cold and snows till May. I know, I know it’s a skiing paradise right? Well I can’t ski! I’m so clumsy if I tried I would probably end up killing myself. So, yeah snow does not amuse me!! It’s slippery, wet and yeah cold as hell. I find there are way too many people here, I hate crowds with a passion! I’m 4’6 and afraid of getting trampled to death. You’re probably thinking “holy hell that’s short” I also hate it when people point that out like I missed the memo or something. So yeah you get the point I hate this place! I hope to move back to Washington State when my son is done with high school, FYI he is a pretty amazing kid! I love football and get really loud when I’m watching a game, my son always tells me to settle down. I’d rather watch action movies then  girly movies, what can I say, I love seeing things blow up! I’m a big fan of classic B horror movies and love Alfred Hitchcock and Mel Brooks films. My all time favorite movies are “The History Of The World Part I” and “Young Frankenstein”. They just don’t make movies like they used to. My favorite TV shows are “Big Bang Theory” I heart Sheldon Cooper he is super amusing, “Battle Star Galactica” I really want a Cylon toaster, and “Son’s Of Anarchy” I’m still really mad they killed off Opie! My favorite comic book is Chimichanga Girl, yeah I know  I’m kind of a geek. I’m deathly afraid of snakes! OK, things should have legs and not be able to wrap around you and squeeze the life out of you or swallow you whole, just saying!  I also have a fear of heights, semi-trucks and planes. My husband is always like “let’s go skydiving” and I’m like HELL NO!!!! Why would you want to jump out a perfectly good plane??? Madness, Madness!!! I say! Those of you who do it, hats off to you because you are brave souls! Yes I’m a bit on the crazy side, but fun crazy, at least I think so! However my friends and family might have a different opinion. I have amazing talented friends, and we will keep you amused, so tune in and follow! Any who hope you enjoy this blog! Please share your creativity with us!



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