Food Chaos

Chicken fish

Ladies and Gentleman may I have your attention please…..

There are some crazy things going on with our food supply!

I was watching Ted talks the other day and it was on food. If you haven’t experience TED Talks, I must insist you check it out.

Any who, to my dismay, the things I found out, holy hell!!!

Some farm raised fish for example are fed chicken byproducts , needles to say I did a double take!

I’m like “what you talking about Willis”? Say what!!!

The fish I eat is eating a chicken!!!! AHHHHHH Eject Eject!!

I want my fish to taste like the ocean! Not chicken.

I know your probably like ,this girl is bananas!

Why does she care if some farm raised fish eats chicken byproducts?

Well let me tell you; It FREAKS ME THE HELL OUT!!!

You know the the saying, “everything tastes like chicken” well apparently there maybe some merit to that.

Fish should eat algae,plankton, shrimp,insects and other water species, that is what nature intends them to eat right?

There is something about a water species dining on a farm animal, it does not compute, does not compute, it’s illogical!

Those of you who live near an ocean I envy you, you have access to fresh seafood and won’t have to worry whether or not your fish is dinning on chicken feet.

Apparently, as my fabulous sister in law pointed out, everything is fed chicken byproducts.

Right now a billion chickens are just sitting around without their heads and are about to be consumed by everything. Poor,poor chickens….

Is there an endless supply of chickens???? Are chickens going to take over the world? Will this turn into a Chicken little world???

Speaking of chicken. I swear they just keep getting bigger and bigger.

I bought some chicken the other day, and the chicken was massive it was the size of a turkey . 

If there was a Hulk in the chicken world this chicken was it! Wowzer!!

Then I started second guessing my self, crap did I accidentally buy turkey instead of chicken? Nope it was chicken!

This bring me to growth hormones, it gives me the hebejebes!!! The excuse is, if  we make things bigger it will feed more people right?

OK it might,however ask yourself this,what are the consequences?

I was reading an article the other day, and what I read scared the living frack out of me!

You can find traces of arsenic in the chicken, shit, now the chicken is poisoning me slowly! Well frack a duck on a Christmas tree!

Everything is being genetically engineered.

Corporations start rolling things out that’s not necessarily safe for us or good for the environment.

We have the FDA to protect us right?  Hmmmmmm….. unfortunately when money gets thrown into the picture everything goes to hell in a handbasket!

Things are overlooked and slip through the cracks, to make things more efficient. Efficiency leads to more money, and greediness will one day get the best of us.

Our crops are being sprayed with pesticides that are having a big impact on mother nature.

The Bees are disappearing, they have checked out!  Their like, if your going to poison us then we out! See how you like it when your food supply is wiped out, without us nothing can grow or reproduce suckers! You must of missed the memo sayonara!

Can’t we just let mother nature do her thing? After all, she created life before us and probable will after us, can’t we just leave the whole life creation to her? Why we have a tendency to play god is beyond me.

Mother Nature eventually stars fighting back, and as you know she has quite a temper,going against nature might prove to be the nail in our coffins and our ticket to never never land.

If we don’t stop trying to play god, Mother Nature will throw down the hammer, she is quite a cleaver serial killer and we may just rue the day we pissed her off!

Are there going to be gigantic zombie farm animals walking around in the near future, feasting on our brains?? Yikes!! You laugh now, but the way things are going it might just be a possibility and may just start the Zombie Apocalypse…… Food for thought.



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