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Artist Emily Carr


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Artist Emily Carr


A Fascinating Amazing Lady And Her Monkey Named Woo

Emily Carr        Emily Carr Monkey

Emily Car

Hi Ladies and Gentleman, Let me introduce myself, I’m Megan.

I grew up in Washington, for the most part, spent a bit of time in Cali as a child and then ended up in Oregon at 18. I had the pleasure of meeting my wonderful friend Marilou in Oregon, and after our short-lived talks about not having kids we both ended up with a bundle of joy. 😀  She has been a dear friend to me for many years, and we have survived the good, the bad and the ugly, in life together. I was married for a long time, then a few years ago I got divorced. I thought it was a failure of sorts at first, but then I realized how much stronger I am now. I have my own business coordinating events, as well as a regular job working with special needs children. I love spending time with my son, art is my passion and I wanted to share one of my favorite artists with you.

The first artist I want to share with you is a family member of mine named Emily Carr.  Her art was so inspiring to me, and as I went through life, I decided to do further research on her. I found the simple way she lived her life to be far more inspirational than just her art. When I first got divorced it was devastating. Then I woke up and realized I get another chance to live the life I wanted, and do the things I wanted to do! Every cloud has a silver lining and all dark clouds eventually pass, then you are able to see the sunshine again and breathe fresh air into life. I felt free and that anything was possible.

Some of my friends thought I was losing it for a bit, with my threats to buy a monkey, 😉 but I had my meaning behind it. When I was younger my Grandmother would tell me all kinds of stories about the times she would spend the summer with Emily in Victoria. My favorite one was about her pet monkey “Woo”. Emily was, and is, a famous artist but she was also the daughter of a wealthy business man, and I’m sure was expected to behave as such, but she did not follow the traditional behavior for a well to do kind of young woman. Emily seemed to blaze her own trail in life. In Victoria they have high tea at the Empress Hotel, this is a formal tea and if you show up in less than a dress or suit and tie, even to this day, they will ask you to leave. Now Emily being Emily would attend high tea but she would put her own twist on it, and bring her monkey Woo in his suit.  Can you imagine all the head turns as she marched in and sat down for high tea with a monkey in a suit?!! What a sight that must have been, but that was who she was, god love her!

As an artist Emily captured so much life, she built her own camper on the back of her truck and headed out into the world to paint. She stayed with the native Americans and painted many of her most famous paintings of totem poles, trees and Native American life. My favorite paintings she did were of the trees, you can almost see the wind blowing through them. Two years ago, I was able to take my son to see her work at the art gallery in Victoria. Needless to say he was amazed. During our trip I passed on to my son the stories my Grandmother had told me as a child. Then took him to see the statue of Emily and her monkey. It was one of my favorite trips and I am so glad we did it. I encourage anyone who is in Victoria to  go check out her old house, her art in the gallery and get dressed up for high tea! 🙂

She was quite a fascinating  personality, and an amazing woman and artist, she lived life to the fullest.

When I was threatening  to buy a monkey I was simply enjoying the freedom we often take for granted! Who cares what people think, be happy, buy a monkey if you want, and make your own impression on the world, because life is an amazing adventure and we sometimes forget to live it…..


Author  Megan Diment

Editor   Marilou Taylor

A Fascinating Amazing Lady And Her Monkey Named Woo

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Food LoVe

Mac and Cheese Pasta bruschetta parmesan cheese chicken snitchel spaetzle Taco tortilla Tofu Avocado tomatoes    Crab CakeOssobuco Pasta lemon tilapia Chocolate Mousse   Lamb bolognese    tilapia sweet potato puree  SAMSUNG

Hi Guys and Dolls!

Let’s talk about food, food, food!!!

I have a passion for it, and I’m confidently positive you do to!

Food is such an amazing adventure, I love how creative you can be with it. (Note my creations pictured above!) It’s OK to lick your screens,you know you want to. 😉

Like painting you start with a blank canvas, the ingredients your paint brush, each ingredient a brush stroke and when finished can create a masterpiece….

Cooking is an art, and if you tell me otherwise we may have to duke it out!

It’s an art with danger built into it, your tools are sharp knives and fire!

If  you’re not careful, you can burn your house down, and I almost found that out the hard way.

I don’t remember what I was cooking, needless to say I started a kitchen fire!

Yup folks that’s what happens when oil is burned at astronomically high temperatures.

Thank goodness for me, my Viking husband was home, he is an Eagle Scout and as you know they are always prepared.

He heard my screams for help and came running out of the shower, buck naked, and put the fire out. FYI do not poor water on a grease fire, it makes bigger fire!!!

I did get a 2nd degree burn and lost an eyebrow. Those my friends are battle scars.

See I told you it was an adventure, we are essentially warriors and the kitchen is our battlefield.

I did not always know how to cook, I use to burn everything. You name it, I probably burned it.

Rice was my arch nemesis (and I’m Asian!), FYI getting burnt rice out of pans is not such an easy task, especially because your’s truly burned it to the point where it became a black tar. Yup that happens.

I have since learned that rice should be cooked in a rice cooker, although I’ve learned to use a regular pan in a pinch.

One night, at the beginning of my marriage, my hubby and I decided to have one of those confession conversations. We decided to share everything we didn’t know about each other.

I’m a firm believer that keeping secrets in a marriage is kryptonite. Secrets have a way of sneaking up on you, they always come out to play whether you want them to or not.

If you’re going to share an eternity with someone, I think you should now everything about them.

Anyways so I went first. I told him all my crazy, deep secrets, yeah I had quite a few.

When it was his turn, he only had one, it was that my biscuits and gravy apparently sucked.

He was like “remember when you made me biscuits and gravy?” I said yeah, “well it was the most disgusting thing I ever ate, please never make it again!”

I started laughing, I said is that it?? That’s your big secret?? He said, with a big grin “yes honey that’s all I got”. (Wowzer!)

I asked him why he felt the need to keep that from me and why he just didn’t tell me right away.

His reply “you were 8 months pregnant and I didn’t want to die.” He is a wise man….

After that I decided to learn to cook and I started watching the Cooking Channel everyday.

I fell in love with cooking, and food and I have had a love affair ever since.

I love cooking food from every culture, I think it is important to absorb each other’s cultures.

Food has the amazing ability to bring people together. My husband and I spend at least 12 hours a week cooking together and I think it helps our relationship (being near fire and knives helps keep us civil).

I bet many of the worlds problems could be solved by locking world leaders in a kitchen and forcing them to cook and eat together.

Amazing food is magic, and should always be shared!

What are your favorite foods? Comment below and let me know… Maybe I’ll make it for dinner!